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Training & Continuing Education

Professional Training

In today's competitive environment the importance of staying ahead of the game is what makes the difference to profitability and growth in your industry. Cansel offers a variety of training sessions taught by in-house instructors in the classroom, out in the field and in an online virtual environment.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Can-Learn, our new online training platform. Can-Learn provides its users with the best training possible. From online introductory courses to videos and webinars, you will find everything you need to bring your team up to speed on Trimble Access, Trimble Business Center and more!


  • Convenience Learn at your own pace and as your schedule permits
  • Flexibility Use the content that is most relevant to you and your team
  • Consistency Ensure everyone on your team is receiving the same information
  • Scalability Perfect for teams of all size
Classroom Training

Our in-house certified instructors teach classes throughout the year at our training centers nationwide. Classroom training can be either entirely curriculum based, or can be customized to the company or a specific project. There is also the option of using it in isolation or with field training so students get an understanding of a project scenario from field to finish. We limit our class sizes to allow for a more interactive teaching experience.

Custom Training

When you need you need to stay ahead of the curve, only our tailored, custom training will suffice. With custom training, we tailor the agenda to emphasize areas of greatest relevance for the type of work being performed and the deliverables being produced. We make every attempt to incorporate your data and models as part of the subject matter to illustrate how the software will be used in your specific application. This type of custom-tailored learning experience accelerates productivity and ensures highest retention of new methods.

To get a price for a custom training, Please contact us →


Our experienced professionals can visit you on-site to give you practical, hands-on training. Our experts have extensive knowledge of project implementation from data collection all the way through to project delivery and can show you the fastest and most accurate way to measure and analyze data and use your tools for smooth project delivery. This is also a great option when used in coordination with our classroom training.


As well as face to face training, our in-house experts hold webinars for seminars, workshops, and key topics requested or queried by customers. These interactive sessions allow customers to get immediate response from our in-house experts. Each up and coming webinar will be announced via email and our social media channels. Past webinar recordings can be found on our Can-Learn website.


Keep up with industry knowledge and streamline employee onboarding and training, ensuring continual productivity - and profitability. Start with free access, right now.

Course Catalogue


Pipe & Cable Locating / Camera Inspection


  • Faro Focus and Basic Point Cloud Analysis (Two days)
  • Faro Focus and Deformation Monitoring (Three days)
  • Faro Focus and Feature Extraction (Three days)
  • Faro Focus and Topographic Analysis (Three days)
  • Faro Focus and Scene (Two days)
  • Pipes & Beams Modelling (Two days)
  • Faro Focus and Tank Analysis (Two days)
  • Faro As-Built Plugin
To schedule a course or request more details, please contact us.

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Canada Job Grant

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