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Sensors and Software LMX100 Underground Utility Locator GPR Equipment

Model #100-10-0150 | SKU #586132

As one of the most affordable GPR utility locating tools in the market today, the LMX100™ completes the locator’s toolbox, offering a more complete picture of the underground infrastructure. With a simple, easy-to-use interface it also offers the perfect balance of depth penetration and high resolution for accurate locating.

The LMX® family is a non-destructive Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) that can locate utilities that cannot be located using traditional methods (e.g. plastic pipes or utilities that contain broken tracer wires).

LMX® has the advantage of detecting:

Metallic and non-metallic utilities

Utilities with broken tracer wires

Undocumented utilities

Trenches and disturbed soil often associated with utility burial

Unexpected obstacles or buried structures such as old

foundations that can cause problems for excavations or construction

Quantity Each
Battery Life 12 Volt Lead acid gel cell Battery Capacity: 9.0 Ah Battery Life: 4–6 hours
IP Rating IP65
Operating Temperature −40 to 50℃
Brand Sensors and Software