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Cansel Brings TinySurveyor Robot to Canada

GPS-guided mobile robot will help surveying, civil engineering and infrastructure professionals increase quality, efficiency and above all, safety

Learn more about the TinySurveyor and its capabilities.

Vancouver, BC (July 29, 2021) – Cansel, a software, hardware, and service provider to engineering, surveying, construction, and utility industries, announced today an exclusive agreement with Denmark-based TinyMobileRobots to distribute the TinySurveyor robot in Canada.

TinySurveyor is the ultimate high-precision instrument for the surveying, civil engineering, construction, and infrastructure industries. Supported by an onboard Trimble GNSS receiver, it has an unparalleled ability to execute large tasks up to 10x faster than traditional surveying and stakeout methods. This robot is capable of performing pre-marking, stake- out/set-out, data collection, as-built surveys and more, increasing quality, efficiency and safety for the construction industry.

“Cansel has always been dedicated to supporting innovation in industries like construction and infrastructure, and we’re proud to bring the TinySurveyor to the Canadian market,” said Martin Trudelle, president, Cansel. “In documented use cases, the robot completed five weeks of work in just five days. We’re excited to offer that level of efficiency to our customers. For businesses that struggle with razor-thin profit margins, this level of time savings means they’ll realize ROI – and greater profits – quickly.”

TinySurveyor Tablet

The tablet that accompanies the robot gives the operator full control of the TinySurveyor robot as well as job parameters. With the pre-installed app, the operator can customize marking settings, apply projection shifts and adjust robot velocities directly from the tablet.

Existing CSV and DXF files can be sent directly from the tablet to the TinySurveyor, allowing operators to start working minutes after arriving on site.

Onboard Trimble GNSS Rover System

The TinySurveyor is equipped with Trimble GNSS. This GPS receiver is a rugged, all-in-one solution combining strength and durability into a compact form that is easy to use and virtually indestructible. Its rugged construction and longer battery life make it ideal for more demanding field work and reduce the risk of downtime. The Trimble receiver is both user-friendly and highly accurate.


Cansel offers the TinySurveyor bundled with the accompanying TinySurveyor tablet, and the onboard Trimble GNSS receiver. Please contact Cansel directly for information or a product demonstration.

About Cansel:

For over 50 years, Cansel has helped clients capture, transform, and manage data leading to increased efficiency and profitability. We provide solutions to engineering, surveying, construction, mining, utilities, forestry, and government sectors to improve productivity in the complete field to finish workflow. The company is headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Learn more at

About TinyMobileRobots:

Our company specializes in high-precision outdoor robots that perform marking and stake-out. Our robotics engineers combine advanced robotics software with artificial intelligence and high-precision technologies from the land surveying industry. To ensure reliable and robust technology, we also incorporate proven technologies from other industries. Our aim is always to turn the scientific and technological evolution into meaningful solutions for our customers.

We are located in Denmark, close to the world’s largest robotics hub. Our company is based on many years of consulting and research experience of our CEO Jens Peder Kristensen, who has been involved in international research projects for European authorities and private businesses.