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Cansel Introduces Can-Flow, a Complete Field-to-Finish Efficiency Platform

Can-Flow allows professional surveyors to standardize workflows, automate processes, connect and integrate data capture.

Burnaby, BC (September 23, 2022) – Cansel, a hardware, software, and service provider to engineering, surveying, construction, and utility industries, announced today the launch of Can-Flow, a new field-to-finish efficiency platform for professional surveyors.

Can-Flow is a digital workflow that addresses many of the bottlenecks and miscommunications that surveyors face collecting data in the field and interpreting this data in the office. The platform provides discipline and traceability to the sharing and storing of valuable data.

By introducing integrated data and standardized workflows, Can-Flow makes transferring knowledge, processes, and data between field surveyors, project managers, and engineers faster and more efficient. This allows decision makers to transfer data efficiently and seamlessly between stakeholders. Additionally, Can-Flow brings standardization the industry has needed; without it, firms have faced challenges including downtime caused by having to reverse-engineer new equipment, applications, or processes and then integrate them back into workflows. 

By helping surveyors standardize workflows, Can-Flow makes it easier to replicate and automate tasks. This reduces the risk of errors caused by manual processes and delivers the advantages of increased efficiency, reduced costs, and succession management.

Can-Flow also offers the following benefits to professional surveyors:

  • Expedites the transfer of data from the field to the office
  • Provides a proven, comprehensive and ready to use survey, design, construction and data management system (for transportation, utilities, subdivisions, buildings, reporting, monitoring and more)
  • Automates processes and interoperability
  • Automates design layout based on design rules and project criteria
  • Connects, integrates, and protects data
  • Connects, integrates, and protects data
  • Ensures it’s right the first-time – minimizes site revisits for existing, construction, and maintenance phases
  • Cost efficiencies – survey data collection for downstream design, construction layout, and monitoring are built-in

“Over years of working with surveyors, we recognized the need for a solution to help standardize processes, particularly as organizations introduce new technologies,” says Ahmed El-Ghazouly, professional services manager for Cansel. “With the Can-Flow standards and tools, companies save time, minimise risks, and gain efficiencies as they grow and add new people, projects and tools.”

“Cansel is committed to not only delivering the transformative technology to the surveying community, but also the best and most comprehensive service,” says Alain Sirois, vice president. “Can-Flow will help our customers onboard their new technology solutions more quickly and effectively and create processes that enable them to scale their businesses more efficiently.”

Visit Can-Flow for more information.

About Cansel

Cansel helps clients capture, transform, and manage data leading to increased field-to-finish efficiency and profitability. For over 50 years, Cansel has provided field technology solutions for industry professionals in the engineering, surveying, construction, mining, utilities, forestry, and government sectors. The company is headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Learn more at www.cansel.ca.

Cansel operates under the umbrella of the Cansel Group, which includes SolidCAD, BuildingPoint Canada, Vantage Canada, and California Surveying and Drafting Supply Inc (CSDS).